Sustainability advisory services and solutions

Investors, regulators, and wider stakeholders increasingly expect companies to demonstrate a robust and coherent approach to governing and addressing material environmental and social risks and opportunities, and to contribute to sustainable development. 

For many companies, environmental and social factors are material both to their short-term survival and to their ability to generate value over the longer term. While most boards appreciate the need to address these issues, many struggle when it comes to working out how best to do so. 

For this reason, Nestor Advisors has developed a comprehensive suite of sustainability-related services to help companies tackle these issues effectively and to meet the expectations of their stakeholders.

These services include: 

  • Board Sustainability Readiness – Boards must have the capability to have high-quality, regular and effective boardroom discussions on sustainability challenges. We provide tailored advice on the implications for board composition, structure, responsibilities, and information flows as well as practical guidance and insights to boards. 
  • Governance of Sustainability – An effective approach to addressing sustainability requires alignment and accountability throughout the entire organization. We evaluate factors such as: the roles and responsibilities of the board and executive; the company’s values, strategy and risk management systems; stakeholder engagement; and public reporting. In doing so, we consider international and local regulatory requirements, investor expectations and peer practices.  
  • Board and Executive ESG Training – We deliver interactive workshops to board members and senior management on ESG. All are fully bespoke and include case studies drawing on the experiences of our expert practitioners and industry peers. 
  • ESG Implementation – We can help clients develop and document the various policies, processes and reporting structures required to embed a strong organizational approach to sustainability. Examples include drafting or updating: ESG policies; board and committee terms of reference in relation to ESG responsibilities; templates for ESG reporting to the board; and other policies and procedures related to the management of ESG risks and internal controls.  

For more information on our sustainability services please click here.

Our parent company Morrow Sodali can provide additional assistance with other aspects of ESG of particular relevance to listed companies, including investor ESG trends and sensitivities; design, drafting and assessment of ESG disclosures; ESG rating enhancement; and ESG engagement. For more information on these services please click here.

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