Nestor Advisors features in two Jornal Económico articles

Stilpon Nestor was interviewed by Shrikesh Laxmidas, deputy director of Jornal Económico, a Portuguese newspaper specialising in economics and finance

They discussed several topics on corporate governance in the interview, including the importance of governance (and governance review/consultancy) in a world of changing regulation and demands, the main challenges various types of institutions face in terms of governance, and corporate governance trends and variations from region to region and within region (esp. Europe).

The interview resulted in two very interesting articles which have been published by Jornal Económico. The details and links to both are below (in Portuguese).

Nos ‘boards’ são necessárias pessoas que façam as perguntas estúpidas”, diz perito em ‘governance’ by Shrikesh Laxmidas and António Vasconcelos Moreira

Na gestão das empresas do Estado, “cada país tem os seus esqueletos”, diz especialista by António Vasconcelos Moreira

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