Nestor Advisors and GOGLA corporate governance training

Off-Grid Solar: Corporate Governance Trainings

Nestor Advisors is pleased to have partnered with GOGLA to provide two high-quality interactive training sessions for early-stage Off-Grid Solar companies. The training sessions were held on the 14th and 21st of December 2021. The first corporate governance training session covered a variety of core corporate governance aspects, such as governance maturity, risks and mitigations and approaches to boards. The second corporate governance training session was built on the first session as an application training and focused on a fictional case-study based on an early-stage OGS company facing similar challenges to participants.

Having adequate corporate governance practices and a board in place before periods of growth occur can add significant value to off-grid solar companies and provide a competitive advantage. It especially benefits early stage companies by increasing their chances to attract financing and helping them perform better business and risk management. This contributes to bringing early-stage companies to an optimal position for long-term success and grow sustainably over time. However, putting strong corporate governance in place comes with challenges for early-stage companies as they might lack the skills and assets to incorporate adequate corporate governance practices.

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Click here to read GOGLA's article "Why effective corporate governance is important in the early stages of off-grid solar companies".

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