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A number of national corporate governance codes and guidelines require the induction and ongoing professional development of board members. In the financial sector, many supervisors consider the continuing development of the board’s knowledge, skills and experience to be an essential part of a firm’s responsibilities. Nestor Advisors has built unparalleled expertise in providing tailor-made training to boards and senior management on corporate governance, internal controls and risk management.

Our faculty team includes experienced trainers who have lectured in institutions such as the London Business School, Harvard Kennedy School and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) in Paris.

As regards financial institutions, Nestor Advisors, in cooperation with the International Institute of Finance, developed a tailored programme for bank boards. This very successful one or two-day programme was aimed at enhancing directors’ regulatory, governance and risk management knowledge, adapted to the special circumstances of individual institutions.

We also teamed up with Hawkamah, a highly acclaimed centre of corporate governance excellence in the Middle East, to offer bespoke board development services to individual boards in the Gulf Region.

Our training offering is not limited to banks or individual corporate boards. We have worked closely with the Turkish Corporate Governance Association (TKYD) and the Institute of Directors in Morocco to organise specific programs for directors in these individual countries. Equally, our advisors have trained investment officers and nominee directors in international financial institutions (EBRD, FMO Proparco) and large institutional investors. Nestor Advisors was retained by the International Finance Corporation and its Global Corporate Governance Forum to develop a specific training package for bank directors.

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