About Us

Our challenge is to develop designs and practices that best suit each client’s culture, resources and strategy.

Cross-national and multidisciplinary

In assessing our client’s governance practices, we rigorously analyse and compare market practices among peers, regulatory perspectives and relevant academic thinking across legal, finance and management disciplines. Bank governance is an area where we are considered thought leaders as evidenced by our research publications and policy engagements over the last 10 years. Our multidisciplinary approach is reflected in the complementary competencies of our team members.

Exclusive focus on corporate governance and organisation design

Our clients value our exclusive focus on corporate governance and organisation design. We work alongside leading strategy, accounting, investment banking and legal firms, designing and implementing changes to a company’s governance system in preparation for an equity listing, post-merger integration or other transformation. Our exclusive focus brings with it a much higher reputational risk: to our client’s gain, we cannot afford to underperform. Our boutique approach also allows for much more flexible contracting and higher responsiveness than some of the larger, integrated consulting firms.


Known for vigorously debating alternatives and out-of-the box solutions, our recommendations reflect the integrity that only comes with full independence. We have no other professional relationship with our clients other than supporting them in designing, implementing and embedding effective governance.

Thought leadership

Our clients benefit from our opinion-leading and standard-setting role in the EMEA corporate governance community, as well as the empirical findings and analysis of our proprietary research.

Client proximity

Our engagements are led by senior advisors with long professional track records. They are backed by a highly-experienced and professional analyst team. It is one of the hallmarks of our work that our senior advisors have a hands-on role throughout the engagement, much more intensive than the usual consulting industry standard. Their proactive stance allows for more attentiveness and flexibility to adapt to client needs.

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